Custom Cabinets Atlanta

Looking for actual custom cabinets in Atlanta? We custom make and finish all of our own cabinetry in our shop. Kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets are our specialty. However, we get creative in hallways and living rooms on a regular basis. We also enjoy designing and building fresh new custom office cabinets for your study or home office.

  • Custom bathroom cabinets
  • Custom kitchen cabinets
  • Custom office cabinets
  • Fully functional electronic cabinets
  • Custom bookcases
  • Custom furniture

More about Atlanta Kitchen Cabinets

Imagine uncluttered surface areas to cook and entertain for years. Walk in pantry's are all the rage in Atlanta. We hide more than adequate shelving and storage behind a large, but seamless door. We use all high quality material that can withstand the typical use of a kitchen. We understand both conservative and more contemporary styles and can create within your budget. Don't worry about satisfying your taste. We have styles galore! Atlanta is a very diverse city. Our selection of kitchen cabinets is even more so.

When Quality Matters

Let's face it; walls have not been "in square" since the 1950's. You need a custom installation for your home's cabinets. We guarantee that no attention to detail is spared. Our in house design team will provide you beauty, functionality and value.

  • Skilled, experienced "in house"professionals
  • Custom quality materials
  • Case by case installation